Babies and Sleep Issues. What is the Solution?

Babies and Sleep Issues. What is the Solution?

Does this sound familiar? “He is such a good baby, but he will not sleep!”  “I know she is exhausted, so how is she still awake?“  “I don’t have the heart to sleep train. She will get the hang of it by the time she starts kindergarten, right?” 

Babies and sleep. For some, it clicks and for others…It. Does. Not.  There are many factors that can contribute to these sleep troubles. The subject is complex, and with so much conflicting research available, the internet can become an overwhelming place for desperate parents who are looking for a quick solution and a good night’s sleep.

Most sleep issues in babies are child-specific. However, one common cause for interrupted sleep can be attributed to temperature.  Because babies do not have the ability to regulate their own body temperature, it is important to make sure they’re not too cold or overheating, especially during the night. Woolino’s sleep bags can greatly help with body temperature regulation and parents consistently report major sleep improvements after introducing Woolino products.

Many parents, however, have found answers with the help of a consultant. Holly Jefferd is a consultant who we warmly recommend. Holly is a Certified Infant and Toddler Sleep Consultant as well as a Child Behavioral Therapist who has over 10 years experience in behavior modification with children. Holly also understands firsthand the struggle that new parents experience as they attempt to solve their babies sleep issues. She has taught her two children, now ages 4 years and 9 months, how to sleep. “I want moms to feel well-rested and be the best moms that they can be”, she says.

More information about Holly can be found by visiting her blog, Tiny Sleepers Big Dreamers, where she offers families customized sleep plans that do not involve a child “crying it out”. Holly believes you should be able to pick up and comfort your child, and you should be able to respond in whatever way is necessary. Holly provides a full consultation, support phone calls, daily tracking, and support emails.

Even better, Holly is offering all Woolino clients a 15% discount on packages. She also offers complimentary 15 minute consultations, so reach out to get yours today!