How Can Baths Help Your Baby Sleep at Night?

How Can Baths Help Your Baby Sleep at Night?

You're never too old for a bath, no matter how old you grow, since a warm soak feels excellent on your skin and helps you decompress. Babies are no different than adults and love bath time! When you bathe your little one, you have time to bond, play a little ,and get them ready for a great night of rest. How can baths help your baby sleep at night? Check out the information below to discover the power behind a good soak before bedtime. 

It Stimulates Their Mind and Body

While your bedtime routine shouldn't be too exciting, a bit of stimulation is good for your infant. When you fill the bath with some bubbles and a couple of toys, it's a playtime wonderland for your child, which keeps them active. You put their mind to work as they play with bath toys and splash around in the tub. All this excitement and exploration of the senses will leave your precious child tuckered out by the end of their soak.

Parenting Tip

Take your child's age into consideration before deciding that bath time is a perfect option. Some children get wrapped up in all the excitement, which can lead to overstimulation, and when this happens, they may no longer feel tired. Usually, baths do a great job of tiring babies under four months. If your child gets too excited in the tub, make baths simpler or earlier in the evening.

The Temperature Change Promotes Sleep

A warm bath feels nice on your skin and helps relax your muscles, and as you pull your little cutie out of the tub, the natural cooldown of their body also promotes sleep. Our body temperature naturally decreases as bedtime grows nearer, and a warm bath encourages this process. Coming out of a warm bath mimics this process, which helps your baby feel sleepy.

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They Associate It With Bedtime

Still wondering how baths can help your baby sleep at night? Association is a powerful tool, and when you help your infant associate baths with bedtime, they'll get a better night of sleep. The more often you do baths before bed, the easier it is for them to draw a connection between bathing and sleeping.

Babies thrive on regularity, so try to stick to a routine. For example, begin bath time early in the evening, and bundle them up in some cozy merino wool jammies before their nighttime feed. End the night with a story or lullaby, and finally, kiss your baby good night for a perfect bedtime.