4 Reasons Why Your Baby Is Taking Short Naps

4 Reasons Why Your Baby Is Taking Short Naps

Usually, putting your little one down for a nap means getting some time to yourself to decompress or get a few chores done. However, when your baby refuses to nap for as long as usual, you may feel frustrated and confused. Why has their internal napping schedule changed? Keep reading to find out the top four reasons why your baby is taking short naps.

Reason One: They’re Overtired

Your little one doesn’t understand the world the way you do, nor can they communicate in the same way. When your baby is awake for too long, they can get overtired. This happens to adults, too; think of the last time you couldn’t fall asleep despite feeling tired. Babies experience the same thing—and the stress hormones their bodies release in response can even give them an extra boost of energy, making naptime a challenge.

Experts advise creating a nap schedule for your little one according to their age. If your baby shows signs of tiredness such as yawning or rubbing their eyes, it’s time for a nap.

Reason Two: They Have the Wrong Environment

Overstimulation is another common reason why your baby is taking short naps. For babies, everything is new and fascinating to their developing minds. All the excitement could keep your baby awake, so avoid letting your baby nap in busy areas of the house. Additionally, loud sounds or lights could wake up your baby early, so it’s best to have room-darkening shades and a noise machine in the nursery to block out those factors.

Reason Three: They’re Not Comfortable

Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t easy when your bed lacks comfort. Likewise, if your baby feels too warm or cold, they’ll wake up. The perfect solution to this problem is a Woolino baby sleeping bag. With our sleeping sack, you won’t have to worry about baby sleeping uncovered or being overheated. Our sleeping bags for babies are made with premium merino wool fabric to keep your baby cool when it’s warm out and toasty on a cold day.

Reason Four: Your Baby Needs Shorter Naps

As your baby grows, the amount of sleep they need will gradually decrease. If your baby no longer sleeps for as long as they used to, it may be time to drop a nap. Before removing a nap from your baby’s schedule, rule out other factors—watch how tired they appear around this time of the day, and make sure their room is the perfect sleep environment. Keep your precious child’s naps cozy so that they always have the energy they need to learn and play.