Winter Sleep Sack

Woolino infant sleep sacks keep your baby safe and comfortable throughout the night. And if you’re looking for a high TOG sleep sack for fall and winter, Woolino has you covered as well. In our warm winter sleep sack, baby & toddler kids will feel great. Apart from working great for sleep sacks, our thick wool is an excellent material for a sleeping bag or a wearable blanket. This is because merino wool has ideal temperature-regulating properties.

At the same time, our winter sleep sack is super soft – perfect for an uninterrupted night of winter sleep.

With the merino wool sacks designed to keep your little one at a comfortable temperature throughout the night, both you and them will get a full night’s sleep every time. At the same time, the material will prevent overheating, ensuring safe sleep for your precious baby.

Our basic swaddle sleeping bag will help your bundle of joy to stay at the perfect body temperature necessary for a good sleep. Better yet, the wearable blankets are easy to get on and off your little one, so nighttime diaper changes will be effortless. Best of all, we produce kids sleeping accessories for babies and infants 24 months and up.

The basic sleeping bag can be used throughout the year to wrap up your infant in comfort. The cold will never bother them and come summer the merino wool will also stave off the heat. This is because the sleep sack is designed to perform just as well in higher and lower temperatures while providing exceptional comfort and safety.

With all-season usability and supreme durability, Woolino sleep sacks represent the best products you could hope to find. They won’t get damaged by regular use or proper washing. In other words, your baby’s blanket or sleep sack will remain even once they grow out of it. At that point, a highly useful sleeping accessory will become cherished memorabilia from when your child was a small bundle of joy.


What is a TOG sleep sack for winter?

The ideal TOG rating for colder rooms is 3.5 or higher. This rating is suitable for rooms where the temperature gets to 16 degrees or lower overnight. But if your home is heated during the night, you might want to go with a slightly lower TOG such as 2.5 – a lower rating means less insulation.

What to wear under sleep sack winter

What your baby wears under the sleep sack will depend on room temperature. For colder rooms, go with cotton pajamas. But if the room is already decently warm, a onesie will do just fine.

Do babies need a sleep sack in winter?

A sleep sack is recommended during all seasons. Sleep sacks make your baby safer while sleeping. And Woolino products will also make the little one more comfortable and ensure their sleep is uninterrupted.

Will a baby overheat in a wool sleep sack?

Your baby likely won’t overheat, especially if you dress them appropriately. With Woolino’s sleep sack made of merino wool, you won’t have to worry about the material itself. This wool is great at temperature regulation and will never make your little one too warm.