4 Season® Baby Sleep Sacks with Legs

    Does your little one love to show off their new-found ability to stand and walk? If so, our 4 Season Baby Sleeping Bags With Feet will allow them to stand up safely while tucked into their sleeping bag. Made with merino wool and organic cotton, they are incredibly comfortable and will keep your little one at the perfect body temperature – whatever the season. Ideal for children between 6 months and 4 years old.

    The Best Sleep Sacks with Legs!

    Every baby hits the age where they want to show off how well they can stand on their own—sometimes in their crib. The 4 Season® baby sleep sack with feet is ideal for children between the ages of 6 months and 4 years because it also allows children to stand up safely.

    Woolino 4 season® sleep bags with feet are made with merino and organic cotton, soft and cozy, suitable for a wide range of temperatures, easy to adjust, and safe! The 4 Season® baby sleeping bag with feet will help your baby rest comfortably, feet in or feet out.

    With this merino wool sleep sack, your toddler will be cozy and warm. It’s TOG-rated for standard room temperatures and may be used year-round. With a 2.5 TOG rating, the wool and cotton toddler sleeping bag will be comfortable in all occasions.

    The high-quality baby sleeping bag has foot holes to help your toddler stand up firmly on their legs. Wearable blanket baby sleeping suits don’t get better than this in terms of materials and design.

    Another great thing about Woolino is that the sleeping sacks are universal. Baby girl, baby boy, or unisex – Woolino has it all. Get your small ones a sack and a blanket, and you’ll ensure their sleeping sessions remain cozy and comfortable.


    When to stop using a sleep sack

    There’s no fixed age when your toddler must stop using the sleep sack. You’ll know when it’s time to forgo the sleep suit once even the largest sizes are too small for your kid. This may happen within the first two years or it might take longer.

    In most cases, babies themselves let parents know when sleep sacks just won’t do. Some babies enjoy the comfort, security, and coziness of the sleep sack. However, others will get frustrated at some point and may want to break free of the sack as soon as possible. This will be the case with very active kids who show they’re eager to start crawling around.

    When to transition out of a sleep sack

    The right time to transition out of the sleep sack is when your kid starts to resist getting back into it. If your toddler isn’t eager to put on the sleep sack, it may mean they no longer like it. Alternatively, it might not be about the sack but rather about the kid’s desire to be free.

    However, the transition may be too sudden even if the toddler no longer wants to sleep in the sack. They’ve likely spent a long time sleeping the same way and don’t know about anything else. As a result, even lively kids who find the sack too limiting might have issues getting to sleep without it.

    How should a sleep sack fit?

    A sleep sack should be the right fit for your kid’s height and weight. You can consult a size chart to understand which sleep sack would be right for your toddler. However, you won’t have to worry about sizing as much with Woolino. Our sleep sacks can be adjusted to accommodate different sizes as your toddler grows.

    What are sleep sacks for?

    Sleep sacks serve several purposes. They keep the toddlers warm and cozy. They’re also a snug fit, which makes babies feel safer and ensure they don’t roll around uncontrollably. Sleep sacks are generally very beneficial for a baby’s safe and healthy sleep.