toddler blankets

    Our exclusive Toddler Blankets are durable, hypoallergenic, and wonderfully soft. They’re also so cute that your little ones will want to take it wherever they go. Made with merino wool, they’ll keep your child warm when it’s chilly, and cool when it’s hot. They really are the perfect all-year-round blanket.

    The Best Toddler Blankets

    Toddlers love blankets for many reasons. First, there’s the warmth and softness that only a quality toddler blanket can have. But that’s not where the connection between toddler and blanket ends.

    As kids get older, the baby blanket can become a symbol of safety and comfort. This means the benefits of blankets for toddlers extend beyond the physical, providing emotional support. But to do all that, a blanket needs to be quality-made, durable, and practical. That’s precisely how Woolino blankets are made.

    Each toddler crib blanket that Woolino sells is cute, soft, durable, and supremely comfortable. If you browse our collection, you’ll surely find your child’s new favorite blanky! They’ll want to take this blanket everywhere they go.

    The Woolino blanket for toddler bed is made of merino wool and will keep your little one warm on a chilly night and cool when temperatures heat up. Rather than take up space with a stockpile of blankets, get one you can use during every season for your child’s year-round comfort. Woolino merino wool blankets are hypo-allergenic and great for sensitive skin. Even better, they are machine washable so that you can keep them fresh throughout the year.

    It can keep your child toasty even if it gets wet. Shop our toddler blankets collection and have peace of mind that it will keep your child perfectly cozy year-round.

    In addition to wonderful toddler blankets, Woolino makes baby sleep bags that can round up your kid’s sleeping gear. You can get sleep bags made of organic cotton, those accommodating different feet sizes, and sleep bags for every season. With Woolino’s program, your kid will have everything they need for healthy sleep.


    When can a toddler sleep with blankets?

    The best practice when it comes to sleep is not to introduce any pillows, stuffed animals, or blankets before the baby turns one year old. Toddlers aged two and above are perfectly safe to sleep with blankets. The main reason for this precaution is to remove any potential hazards while a child is still in infancy.

    How to introduce a blanket to a toddler

    Toddlers can have a strong reaction to any change in their environment. Besides, anything new needs to be introduced gently to allow your baby to get accustomed to the novelty. This principle applies to toddler blankets, too.

    The best time to introduce a new blanket to your toddler would be at bedtime. When it’s time to sleep, the amount of melatonin rises. This is the hormone that calms down and induces sleepiness. Due to the effect of the hormone, your kid will be much more relaxed.

    When you show your toddler the blanket, allow them to touch it and play around with the blanket. Then, once their curiosity is sated, tuck them in and go on about your business like any other day. Your toddler might be fascinated by the new blanket and may not fall asleep as quickly as usual. That’s perfectly fine – let them have their fun with the blanket. It shouldn’t take long for the initial excitement to wear off.

    How big should a toddler blanket be?

    A toddler blanket should be the right size to fit the crib. This will usually mean a length of up to 60 inches and width of 42 inches maximum. However, you can get a slightly oversized toddler blanket, but be careful not to get one that surpasses the standard dimensions by too much.