Ecolino® Organic Cotton Sleep Bags

    Organic Cotton Summer Sleep Sack

    Your little ones need to sleep safely and comfortably every night. With how sensitive babies are, even a mild discomfort can cause them to wake up in the middle of the night. This is especially true in the summer months when the heat can ramp up quite suddenly. That’s where Woolino’s thin sleep sacks come into play.

    If you need lightweight sleep sacks for infants & toddlers, you can’t go wrong with our Ecolino line. Whether you want a low-tog sleep sack, swaddle, or wearable blanket, our premium merino wool and organic cotton products will be just right. Our high-quality products will mean the end of restless nights, uncomfortable babies, and nervous parents.

    Our baby sleep sacks are the perfect alternative to loose blankets because they’re wearable. If the baby wears the blanket, it won’t slide away underneath or be able to kick it off them. The lightweight sleep sack for summer is also safer than most alternatives. Your little one won’t get tangled if they move around.

    Our organic cotton baby sleep sack will give your baby a sense of security as they snuggle up in it every night. Shop for a blanket that’s adorable, soft, and safe to use throughout the year. While Woolino sleeping sacks will be an ideal choice for the summer, they’ll perform just as well during other seasons.

    The better your baby sleeps, the easier it is for them to grow big and strong, so invest in a high-quality blanket to help them along.

    And if your kid has already grown a bit, you can find great Woolino options for children between the ages of 2 and 4. We even accommodate different feet sizes to ensure your little one’s maximum comfort. Browse our collection of organic cotton baby sleeping bags designed for warmer climates!


    Do babies need a sleep sack in summer?

    A sleep sack is recommended in all seasons, including summer. Woolino sleeping bags come with up to 0.5 TOG rating, which means they’re suitable for higher room temperatures. The premium material will keep your little one cool on warm nights and toasty when temperatures drop.

    What TOG should you have for a sleep sack for summer?

    TOG ratings are relatively straightforward: The higher the rating, the lower the room temperature. For instance, 3.5 TOG is best for colder rooms where the temperature drops under 16 degrees, while 1.0 TOG is great for up to 24 degrees. You can get 0.5-0.2 TOG for the summer, but the actual rating will largely depend on where you live.

    What to wear under sleep sack in summer

    Your baby doesn’t have to wear a lot under the sleep sack. A onesie or a t-shirt will be just fine. Or you could even leave them only in the diaper.

    How to use summer sleep sack

    A sleep sack is very easy to use. You can unzip it, place your kid inside, and close the sleep sack again. Some sacks also have buttons over the shoulders.