5 Reasons Merino Wool Is Great for Babies

5 Reasons Merino Wool Is Great for Babies

Every parent wants the best for their child, and when it comes to sleepwear and blankets, merino wool is the ideal fabric for your little one. Cozy clothes and a soft blanket keep your baby feeling comfortable and safe, making bedtime easier for everyone. Read up on the top five reasons merino wool is great for babies, and buy only the best for your precious child.

It’s Great for Sensitive Skin

Some babies have sensitive skin, and synthetic fabrics can irritate it. However, merino fabrics are natural, so they won’t bother sensitive skin or aggravate conditions such as eczema. In fact, research has shown that using merino wool clothing and blankets reduces the itchiness and discomfort that eczema causes.

Additionally, since merino wool is more absorbent and breathable than other materials such as cotton and polyester, it’ll absorb and then release more moisture, helping the body maintain proper humidity levels and keeping skin hydrated. Dry skin can be painful, so keep your baby comfortable with a merino wool blanket.

It’s Temperature Controlling

One of the top reasons why merino wool is great for babies is that it will regulate your little one’s temperature. You can keep your baby cuddled up in their favorite jammies or under a nice blanket any time of year. Newborns can’t regulate their body temperatures well, but merino wool will keep them warm on a cold day or cool on a hot day.

It’s Durable

Merino wool lasts through countless wears, making it a long-term investment. Other fabrics wear out more quickly, and you can’t use them year-round. Woolino sells infant sleeping bags made with merino wool that your little one can use for their first two years. Our baby sleep sacks have universal sizing, which—combined with merino wool’s durability—saves you from having to buy a new sleep bag every few months.

It’s Moisture Wicking

Merino wool is naturally breathable. On a warm night, your baby may still feel more comfortable with a blanket or sleep sack hugging their body, since it adds a sense of security. However, other fabrics trap heat, leaving your infant clammy and increasing the chances of overheating. Merino wool absorbs moisture vapor and allows it to evaporate in the air, keeping the baby dry and comfortable.

It’s Soft

When we think of wool, we usually associate it with feeling itchy and uncomfortable, but the complete opposite is true when it comes to merino. Broad wool fibers can feel itchy, but the fibers in merino wool are much finer and more flexible. The finer the fibers, the softer the wool feels. These finer fibers also feel more lush, which is why they won’t irritate sensitive skin. Help your baby feel nice and cozy with some merino clothing and baby sleeping bags.