How Does Eating Solids Impact Your Baby’s Sleep?

How Does Eating Solids Impact Your Baby’s Sleep?

Babies reach many milestones as they grow—crawling, teething, learning to speak, and beginning to eat solid foods. The shift in your infant's diet comes with various questions. What type of food should they eat? When should new foods get introduced? How does eating solids impact your baby's sleep? This article will discuss the relationship between eating solid food and your little one's sleep cycle.

The Connection Between Sleep and Eating

Worrying about how a significant change like diet will impact your baby, specifically how well they sleep, is expected. A full night of rest is essential since it gives their body time to restore itself; this also helps them grow as their mind and body develop.

Over the years, experts have conducted many studies, and the recent baby sleep studies done by JAMA Pediatrics concluded that infants on a diet of solid food sleep better. Remember that babies should not eat solid food until they're four to six months old. Talk to your pediatrician before introducing solids to ensure your infant's body is ready for the change.

Which Foods Are Safe?

The first foods you give your baby should be soft and designed for them, such as baby foods and cereals. Other safe foods for infants include:

  • Cooked peas
  • Applesauce
  • Crackers
  • Avocado

It’s best to build your way up to mashed veggies or fruits as your baby adjusts from breast milk or formula to solids. If you have questions about your baby’s diet, never be afraid to contact your pediatrician.

Don’t Start Too Early

Now that we've talked about how eating solids impact your baby's sleep, it's important to note that this isn't the only answer to a restful night, nor is it always the right one. Eating solids too early can pose a choking hazard for babies. In the early months of life, a baby's body isn't ready to handle solid food or the nutrients that come with it.

When the time comes to give your baby solids, do so gradually. Begin by giving them one or two new foods each week so their body can learn how to break them down. This also allows your child to adjust to new textures and flavors comfortably.

Bonus Sleep Tip

The combination of added nutrition and a proper sleep routine may help your baby the most. But you should also continue their nighttime bath, bedtime story, and cuddle for the best results.

Keep Your Baby Cozy

Woolino sells merino and organic cotton baby sleep sacks to keep your child comfortable throughout the night. Once their belly is full of milk or solid food and they get cozy in this wearable blanket, they'll be off to dreamland. Comfort is essential to a great night’s sleep, so give your baby what they need for a restful night.