Taking the Best of June

Crack open the kitchen windows, and say goodbye to cabin fever. Whether your little one enjoys fishing, picnics, or planting flowers, we have plenty of ideas and tips to get your child off the couch and into the fresh summer air.

Keep it Simple.










Your kids have been cooped up for months, their little noses pressed against cold windows as they try to remember what their swing set looked like before all the snow. In these early days of summer, keep your activities basic. Don't feel pressure to load the kids in the car and head to the zoo at the first sight of 70 degree weather. Your kids will be thrilled to just feel the grass in their hands and the sunshine in their hair. They will happily blow bubbles and jump in puddles. They will come in for dinner with muddy shoes and sweaty brows. And this is exactly what summer is about - new life and a resurgence of energy.











Children have an innate curiosity about nature. Tap into this interest by kicking off a gardening project. If you will be planting flowers, your best bet will be Marigold, Black-eyed Susan, Aster, Verbena, and Zinnia. June is the prime time to plant the seeds of these lovely flowers. Your children will see the natural evolution from seed to beautiful flower. So many lessons to be explored with this metaphor! There are also many delicious vegetables to experiment with. June is a perfect month to plant cucumbers, broccoli, and carrots. For more helpful, kid-friendly gardening tips, visit www.kidsgardening.com.

Host a Backyard Movie Night.










The month of June brings longer days and warmer nights. Take advantage of these comfortable evenings by turning your backyard into a movie theater! Movie screens and projectors can be rented for as low as $50 an evening. Gather friends and family, and grab the blankets and popcorn. This is one activity your kids will remember forever. For local availability and rates, check out www.gigsalad.com.

Plan an "Unplugged" Day.











You will want to check the weather and plan this activity for a day with zero rain in the forecast. Give your kids advance warning that this will be a day free from electronics - no iPads, and no phones. Pack lunches, snacks, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a big blanket. Now comes the fun part. Think back to your childhood and remember some of the games you played, the games that kept you entertained for hours during a time when the notion of a smartphone was other worldly. Did you jump rope? Play Kick the Can? Draw under your favorite tree? Or, head down to the creek with a fishing pole? Your kids will have a blast doing each one of these activities. We guarantee they will be belly-laughing in no time, and their missing electronics will fade into the background of this special day.