4 Season® Ultimate Baby Sleep Sacks

    Made with the softest Australian merino wool and organic cotton, the Ultimate Baby Sleeping Bags are designed to give babies the best night's sleep possible. Incredibly comfortable, they will keep your little one at the perfect body temperature – whatever the season. And, with our ingenious one-size-fits-all design, it will fit your baby for 2 years, saving the need to purchase multiple sleep sacks as your child grows.

    The Best Baby Sleep Sacks

    Keep your baby cozy every night with one of our baby sleep sacks! These are soft and adjustable to ensure they grow with your little one for the first two years of life. We use premium fabrics, like superfine merino wool and organic cotton, for our four-season sleeping bag to make sure infants are soft and the temperature is regulated. With this baby sleeping bag, you can keep your precious child at the perfect temperature all night long. It’s easiest to get a great night’s rest when you feel comfortable, and Woolino's ultimate sack does this for your infant. Keep your baby cozied up so  the entire household gets a great night of rest. Check out the adorable options in our collection and buy your infant sleep sack today!

    Types of sleep sacks

    Not every baby sleep sack is the same. The differences aren’t only in the quality, but in purpose as well. A sleep sack for 6-month, 18-month, 24-month, and older kids may look completely different.

    In particular, a newborn sleep sack will likely be a swaddle type. On the other hand, older kids may have different types of sleep sacks.

    Swaddles represent a type of tight sleep sack. However, they’re not actual sacks – a swaddle may be a wearable blanket or a wrap.

    Swaddle blankets are designed to help baby sleep. They are like tight, armless sleep sacks that wrap up around the baby. The tight fit invokes the snug womb environment and keeps the baby safe.

    The main difference between a swaddle blanket and a regular blanket is in how soft it is. Swaddle blankets are made of exceptionally soft materials. The same goes for swaddle wraps.

    While swaddles are used for infants, a sleeping baby sleep sack will be the better choice for larger kids. This variant is also tight and safe – with a wearable blanket, baby rolling over on accident becomes practically impossible.

    A sleep sack for a crawling baby is, as a rule, unisex and breathable. Also, the warm swaddle sleep sack keeps the baby cozy in all seasons. Whether it’s summer, winter, spring, or fall, a sleep sack of the best quality will regulate the toddler’s temperature.

    However, the most important purpose of these sleep sacks is safe sleep. According to the Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), proper sleeping can reduce the risk of injuries like shoulder snaps and even Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Of course, sleeping sacks ensure babies stay in the correct sleeping position and aren’t exposed to sleep-related hazards.


    What is a baby sleep sack?

    A baby sleep sack is a sleeping bag designed for infants. It is made of softer materials – merino wool in the case of Woolino sleep sacks – and is designed to fit snugly around the baby’s body. Baby sleep sacks are the ideal solution for safe and comfortable sleep. They regulate the temperature and keep the baby cozy.

    When can my baby start using this sleep bag?

    The best time to start using the Woolino sleep bag is between two months and two years of age. The ideal period to start using the bag would be when the baby overgrows the swaddle. At that point, a sleep bag will be the preferred option. You can adjust Woolino sleep bags to fit your baby precisely using the handy snaps under the arms.

    What should my baby wear when sleeping in a Sleep Bag?

    Ideally, your baby should have sleepwear made of similar materials to the Woolino sleep bag. These may be clothes from merino wool or cotton. The precise choice of clothes will also depend on the temperature. You can see a handy chart on this page, explaining the recommendations.

    Are sleep sacks safe for babies who can walk?

    Sleep sacks are completely safe for babies, even when they can walk. Woolino has a line of walking sleep sacks with leg space. If you follow the age guidelines, there’s no reason not to get a sleep sack for your little walker.

    Do you put baby in sleep sack for naps?

    Since sleep sacks ensure the highest comfort and optimal sleeping positions, getting a sleep sack on for a nap isn’t a bad idea. Of course, a sleep sack isn’t necessary for short naps. However, it certainly won’t hurt. If you have the means to make your baby’s sleep as comfortable as possible, why not use it?