Baby Sleeping Bags

    We created Woolino sleeping bags to ensure both babies and parents get a great night's sleep. Uniquely temperature regulating and naturally hypoallergenic, our award-winning baby sleeping bags are made from the softest merino wool to ensure your baby is kept comfortable, safe, and sleeping soundly. Woolino is the only sleep bag they’ll need, whatever the season.

    Unsure which one is the right one for your baby?

    Why Woolino Is a Unique Baby Sleeping Bag

    Time to help your baby have a good night’s sleep! Woolino makes baby sleeping bags that will keep your bundle of joy feeling comfortable all night. Our newborn sleeping bags are perfect because merino wool helps regulate your infant's body temperature—it can trap in the heat or keep your baby cool. A high-quality merino wool infant sleeping bag keeps your baby comfortable, safe, and helps them sleep soundly through the night. Sleepytime should always feel calming for your precious one, and with our wool baby sleeping bag, your baby can get a great night's sleep. Woolino's baby sleeping bags are award-winning and sure to keep your child comfy!

    Woolino's sleeping bag also ensures safe sleep. When you put your baby to bed, the bag will keep your little one in the optimal position, preventing unwanted and potentially harmful movement. With 4-season sleeping bags and blankets from the Woolino collection, you’ll be able to put your baby to sleep safely and comfortably at any time of the year.

    Best of all, Woolino bags can be adjusted for size. With quick and easy modifications, the bag can follow your baby as it grows. Then, once you need to choose a different size, you can get another bag from the catalog. And for the best sleeping experience, there’s the Ultimate sleep bag. It’s designed with universal sizing in mind and meant to last for over two years.


    When to stop using sleeping bags for babies

    There's no definitive answer to when your baby doesn’t need a sleeping bag anymore. Your kid may grow out of using a bag already after their first birthday. On the other hand, they may keep sleeping in the sleep bag for several more years.

    Ultimately, your kid will give you plenty of hints when the sleeping bag is no longer wanted. Firstly, they might overgrow even the largest sizes, which will bring the practice to an end. Secondly, your little one may start showing signs that they don’t want to sleep in a bag. Once they start to crawl, the bag might get too limiting and your baby may begin to resist being put back into it.

    What size sleep bag is best for my child?

    right size of the sleep bag will be determined by your kid’s dimensions. In particular, the neckline and chest will be crucial measurements. The sleeping bag should always be a good fit for your toddler, which is why you should keep constant track of the dimensions.

    You can use our size chart to determine the best size of the Woolino sleep bag for your child.

    Are baby sleeping bags safe?

    Baby sleeping bags are designed for babies to sleep safely and comfortably in them. In other words, they are completely safe. In fact, they may be among the safest way to put your toddler to sleep.

    What's the difference between the basic and ultimate styles?

    The basic and ultimate style of Woolino sleep bag uses the same materials – organic cotton and merino wool. The basic model has traditional sizing and comes without the travel slot, shoulder snaps, or underarm snaps.

    On the other hand, the ultimate sleep bag is adjustable and designed to accommodate kids of 2-4 years of age. As long as the adjustments allow for it, you can use the same sleep bag for up to (and possibly over) two years.