4 Season® Ultimate Toddler Sleep Sacks

    Made with super soft Australian merino wool and organic cotton, the Woolino Ultimate Toddler Sleeping Bag ensures your baby has the most comfortable night sleep imaginable. The ingenious one-size-fits-all design allows you to simply adjust the straps as your child grows, meaning it’s the only bag you’ll need to buy for 2 years. And thanks to merino’s temperature regulating properties, they’ll keep your little one at the perfect body temperature – whatever the season.

    The Best Toddler Sleep Sacks

    Infant sleeping bags are extremely beneficial. They’re warm and cozy, allowing your baby to get much-needed rest. While kids outgrow infant bags quickly, that doesn’t have to mean the end of comfort.

    A toddler sleep sack is the ideal solution. If you need sleep sacks for 2-year-olds or older, Woolino has you covered. Each sleep sack for kids aged 2-4 is designed with universal sizing in mind so you don’t have to worry about whether to get a 24-month sleep sack or a sleep sack for 4-year-old kids.

    The secret behind Woolino child sleep sack universal fitment is in the handy and easy-to-use adjustable straps. As your kid grows, you won’t have to get a new sleep sack for older kids. Instead, the one you get will last for a long time with small strap adjustments.

    Woolino sleep sacks are made of merino wool which preserves the ideal body temperature. We’ve made each toddler sleep sack winter-ready to keep the chill out. And in the summer, the merino wool will ensure the sack doesn’t get too hot.

    Whether you want big kid sleep sacks or a sleep sack with legs for toddlers, you’ll find Woolino products an ideal choice. Besides the adjustable straps, Woolino sacks have a two-way zipper to make diaper-changing easy and a seat belt slot for seamless transfers. On the outside, every sleep sack for preschool kids is made of organic cotton. On the inside is the merino wool lining, which we’ve already discussed.


    Are toddler sleeping bags safe?

    If you go through toddler sleep sack reviews online, you’ll see that all of them state there’s nothing unsafe about the product. These bags are designed for kids of a specific age and are perfectly fit for their intended use.

    However, some people think that getting an adult-size sleeping bag is easier than finding sleep sacks for tall toddlers. This is where issues appear, as adult sleeping bags are by no means safe for kids.

    What size sleep bag is best for my child?

    Here’s a brief overview of sleep bags for kids relative to weight:

    • Baby sleep sack – 24 months: For kids weighing up to 27 pounds and up to 33 inches in height.
    • Baby sleep sack – 36 months: These may fall into the category of 2T sleep sack and 3T sleep sack. The 2T variant is for kids up to 30 pounds and 35 inches, while 3T is for slightly larger kids – 32 pounds and 40 inches.

    If you want to find out more about sizing the sleep sack for your kid, consult this page for a more detailed chart.

    Can a toddler use a sleeping bag in bed?

    Woolino sleep bags are perfectly fit for use in bed. And if you have an older kid and are worried about them getting out of bed, a sleep sack with legs for toddlers could be the right solution. With this sack, your kid will have the same freedom of leg movement like outside of the sleeping bag.

    How to keep a toddler in a sleeping bag

    Woolino sleeping sacks are made to stay on your kid. They won’t slip off by accident or due to the kid’s movement. Even better, you can get a walking sleep sack that will make your little one feel more free. In that case, they won’t have a reason to try and get out of the bag.