Study finds Wool to Help Improve Sleep

If you’re a new mom, chances are you have probably scoured the Internet trying to answer the age-old question: “Why won’t my baby sleep at night?!”

While search results vary, ranging from suggestions of sleep training to co-sleeping to miracle baby rocking devices, the secret to good sleep may be as simple as dressing your baby in a natural, more comfortable fabric.

A study conducted at the University of Sydney found that a better night’s sleep is achieved by sleeping in or on wool. Building off of previous research, the results of this studying are showing that wool sleeping apparel and bedding increases total sleep time, promotes sleep onset and improves sleep efficiency. (Sleep Research: The Latest Results)

If you are familiar with wool, the results of the study come as no surprise. Wool is a highly versatile and safe all-natural fabric with many inherent benefits especially conducive to better, longer sleep. One of the most beneficial qualities of wool is its ability to regulate body temperature so it can keep you warm in the winter, but also cool in the summer.

Additionally, wool has the ability to wick away moisture, thus helping keep you cozy and comfortable despite fluctuating temperatures. Wool’s moisture-wicking properties are especially beneficial to babies and it can help keep them asleep longer even through leaky diapers.

Finally, if your baby is having trouble settling at bedtime or sleeping through the night, sleepwear or a sleep sack made of wool may provide better comfort. Many people think of wool as an itchy material, unwelcome against the skin. Merino wool is an entirely different fabric, thanks to those superfine fibers that merino sheep produce. It’s smooth, silky-soft, and comfortable even against the most sensitive skin.

As Woolino products are made with 100% premium Merino wool, parents have seen a significant improvement in their baby’s nighttime sleep. “This is such an amazing must-have product,” said Keri M. via “Soon after we started using the Woolino, my twin sons began sleeping through the night for 11 straight hours consistently. They have both been great sleepers ever since.”

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